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Ten-Day International Seminar on Modern Geodetic Concepts Completed at the Institute of Geodesy

Tempus project «Geoinformation technology for sustainable development in Eastern neighboring countries», which began in October 2010, will complete in October this year. On this occasion, since April 15, the ten-day international seminar on modern geodetic concepts was held at the Institute of Geodesy.

The participants of the workshop including 20 scientists from Ukraine, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Armenia and Moldova were welcomed by the vice-rector for research professor Zoryan Pikh, project coordinator of Stockholm Royal Technical University professor Huaan Fan, deputy director of institute of Geodesy, dean for Master Studies professor Ihor Trevoho.

As Ihor Trevoho mentioned, with the help of the project which aims to support sustainable development, modernization of higher education in the field of geoinformation technologies in Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova, scientists in these countries are able to share new concepts and the development of knowledge in this field, learn using modern surveying technology in foreign universities, master modern geodetic techniques, create new lectures, prepare a large number of modern teaching materials (more than 30 of them have been prepared at Lviv Polytechnic), textbooks (5 were prepared), participate and perform workshops, courses, conferences aimed at rendering the project objectives in these countries.

– The project is also very fruitful for our University, – Zoryan Pikh said, – because thanks to it and its execution the Institute of Geodesy purchased modern surveying equipment and software, making it possible to develop at modern level a learning process, including to help masters and postgraduate students to conduct practical laboratory studies and research work. In addition, there were upgraded existing and developed on modern level a number of new theoretical disciplines for undergraduate and graduate students of surveying professions. 11 representatives from various departments of the institute participated in intensive specialized courses in GIS and modern surveying equipment and technology, got familiar with similar schools in Spain and Sweden. Lecturers and students at the semi-annual foreign courses improved their English. It is very interesting that not only our students study abroad but also a student from Spain has his intership at Lviv Polytechnic and conducts research work related to laser scanning.

Within ten days the seminar was attended by scholars from various universities in Lviv and other cities. They were interested in universities abroad, they discussed and communicated with world-class experts.

Foreign guests got acquinted with Lviv, rested in scenic Carpathian mountains, attended and made presentations also at the international conference «Geoforum-2013». At the end of the seminar the participants summed up the project and outlined the main issues which will be discussed in autumn at the final conference in Yalta.