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Energy saving technologies in building: IBEE graduates become further more necessary for economy

At present, when the question of energy saving was keenly put for Ukraine, especially in housing sector, graduates of Department of Building Production IBEE become further more popular and necessary for urban and regional economy.
We speak about this and other with head of department, professor Myroslav Sanytskyi.

— We train specialists and masters of major “Urban building and economy” and “Technology of building constructions, products and materials” of field of study: “Building”. These specialities complete each other and affirm that time began to build new buildings inclusive of thrift requirements at the expense of using of modern native materials, and also renewable energy sources. If we build low-energy buildings at the state level, then we may highly reduce energy expenses in housing sector. Now our buildings protect us well from wind, but even wall insulation, window replacement would reduce expenses on warmth in cold season and would give economy to 10 milliards m³ gas. And with state support it would be possible to carry through just partial modernization of Sykhivskyi and other microdistricts for 5-10 years. If to start our building sector, which does not work today, then it will not only solve the problem of work places, but also will provide sanitation of old buildings. In particular, it is done in that way in Germany and Poland.

— How may your department make efforts for solving these problems?

— Our department does complex research, starting with projection of progressive constructions and buildings to development of modern techniques of energy-efficient building. We have interesting developments of modern finishing materials, waterproofing systems, etc. In Europe, who in the first place cares for stable principles of development, which envisage not only reducing of energetic and material resources, but also negative influence on environment, this question is on very high level.

Our research works are notably put in the second edition of educational manual “Energy saving technologies in building”, which was published last year. By the way, it is in demand not only for students, but also for specialists of whole Ukraine. We presented in it our investigations of energy saving technologies on the basis of stable development, considered characteristics of the most common heat-insulated materials and demands to modern building materials and technologies, submitted structure of energetic passport of house, analysed main principles of passive building etc. That is to say we showed which achievements we have. And more we are working on creation of modern materials (building mixtures of different purposes, new systems of heat insulation etc.).

— Are you working on improvement of individual inhabitation?

— Yes, we have quite a few projects of specialists and masters for building of new generation of energy-efficient buildings with using of modern building materials. I may say that we prepare experts in housing building by European standards.

— What kind of institutions do you collaborate with?

— We cooperate generally with different building firms, which apply updates that developed at our department, in particular with Karpatbud in Lviv, PJSC Ivano-Frankivsktsement etc. We contact closely with Lviv State Centre of Science, Innovations and Informatization, who is working together with Polish scientists on projects, to which we add our specialists, masters, scientists. We developed with Poles mathematical models for optimization of building objects by criteria of energy sufficiency. We take into consideration in our investigations energetical, ecological, economical,
social aspects. We develop European experience and hope that it will be used wider in us.

— Do you exchange students?

— We cooperate with the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy from Cracow, Polish students came to us last year, our students to them. Perhaps we have to make efforts for our students to get double diploma, yet it is time requirement. We plan to develop cooperation on the level of student exchange with Czestochowa Polytechnic.

— What are you working on now?

— Apart from problem of energy saving in housing economy, we solve actual problems of increase of building production efficiency and its accordance to world level. In its base we put using of new progressive technologies of building material production and use of modern equipment, which ensures output of high-tech products, taking into account reducing of their energy intensity and decrease of environment pollution level. I dream of that time, when in Ukraine using of concrete will fundamentally increase at least to minimal level of “civilization comfort”, and this is 1 m³ concrete or 300 kg cement per person (now we consume only 200 kg cement, and the need is in 3-5 times bigger). Then building sector will work in full force, and occupation of builder will be one of the most prestigious, because one builder secures work for five specialists from related occupations.