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Engineering and technical “miracles” during EBEC: local stage of the European Engineering Competition took place in the University. інженерних змагань

Over 5 days, November, 24 – 28, students had a possibility to demonstrate their engineering and technical “miracles” in the main building of Lviv Polytechnic National University. Seventeen teams, i.e. over 80 students, used their skills and knowledge during the local stage of EBEC (Engineering BEST European Competition).

It is already the 7th time when BEST international students organisation holds these engineering competitions. The Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students Union Committee supports the competition in the university.

This year engineering competition started solemnly in the assembly hall of Polytechnic main building. Vice Rector for Research and International Relations Yuriy Rashkevych welcomed participants and guests.

BEST organisation takes care of students’ development, that's why all the participants had an opportunity to take part in the training on presentational skills, in order to present their “miracles” in English.

— This time usual schedule of local competition is changed a bit (usually it was held in spring), in order to give the teams the possibility to get more prepared for the national stage. 5 months was enough time for the preparations. Also the official start of the competition took place in the assembly hall of the university. Also the judges were changed, because we decided that it is more effective when different judges judge different competition (this time Polytechnic lecturers, representatives of Lviv City Council and the Engineering competition sponsoring companies stepped into judicial shoes), — tells a third-year student Yuliia Darmores, the main organizer of EBEC.

All the tasks were as usually complicated. 10 Teams within Team Design category were working on the task provided by the Diakom company. They had to create the device for the rational usage of wind energy from the available materials. And one more task for polytechnic students was to create a suspension bridge.

7 teams within Case Study category were working on the task provided by the Verallia company, solving the enterprise energy consumption optimization problem. Students had to suggest their ideas how to utilize flue gas of glass furnaces in the summer time. One more task they had to perform was to design some marketing strategy in order to bring the dairy products from the milk farm to a new market in a new city.

— What makes this competition more interesting is that a lot of first-year students took part in it. Although, more experienced participants, even national stage winners, also took part, — noticed Yuliia.

As usually, English knowledge, teamwork, presentational skills were taken into account as well as performing the task.

National stage will take place in spring in Vinnytsia, and final — in August in Portugal city Porto.

The closing ceremony was held in November, 28. Turing machine team (ICTA, ITRE) became the winner of Engineering competition in Team Design category, Rosin smoke team (ICTA, ITRE) won the second place, and R2–D2 team won the third place.

Fairy Tail team(ICTA, ITRE) became the winner in Case Study category, 316 team (IBEE) got the second place and R.E.S.T. (ITRE) got the third.

The winners went to Vinnytsia, got English lessons certificates from the partner and t-shirts. Second place winners got modems and microcontrollers, and the third place winners – notepads and aikido lessons certificates.