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The new enrolments of Lviv Polytechnic: executive secretary of The Admission Board Oleg Davydchak about the results of admission campaign

This year about 4500 persons became the first-year students of Lviv Polytechnic, among them — about 50 from Lugansk, Donetsk and Crimea. We are talking with Oleg Davydchak, executive secretary of the Admission Board of the university about the replenishment of Polytechnic and the admission campaign.

— This year about 49 thousand of future students applied to Lviv Polytechnic, by this indicator the university was the second in Lviv region ratings and third in nationwide ratings, - Oleg Romanovych says. — Admission campaign went according to the plan: peacefully, in working atmosphere, and we successfully executed fulfilled the plan for state and commercial forms of studying.

— What are the features of the admission campaign this year?

— This year we provided the applicants with various programs of obtaining the bachelor degree. The graduates from colleges had the right to enter the first course of shortened 2- and 3-years training program, on the 2nd and 3rd courses of normative term. We accepted 70 first-year students for the full-time studying within state order, 123 to the 2nd course and 48 persons to the 3rd course, 52 persons for the shortened program of tuition by correspondence. About the commercial form, we will have much more graduates from the colleges than the previous year because about 300 persons are expected to be accepted on the first course of shortened program of the Institute of continuing education. Besides, this year we pronounced the application process for 2 new areas of training during admission campaign. Namely, «Atomic energetics» and «Foundry industry» areas. We got the state order for those 2 areas in the last steps of the applications admission, so there were some difficulties with their filling, but we implemented the program.

— Which form of document applyment did the entrants choose?

— This year half of the applications were sent via the internet. This is far more than the last year.

— What was the pass mark this year?

— Maximal value of marks differs from area to area. Let’s say, it was 896 for designers, on — 890( high point because of creative contest) for architects. The maximal point value started from 660 in the other areas of trainings.

— Which areas of trainings were the most popular?

— The biggest number of applications ware sent to «computer sciences», «software department», «tourism», «international relations», «sociology», «social work», «enterprise economy», «international economy», «finance and credit», «accounting and auditing», «jurisprudence», «museology», «philology», «journalism», «practical psychology». This year we had the contest for commercial places in those areas. Also the building areas were popular. At the time of first wave of document admission we closed areas like «design» and «architecture», where profession-oriented entrants go. Summarizing, there will be 2220 full-time students on state form and 2000 on commercial form, 100 students on tuition by correspondence will study within the state form and the same number will be educated within commercial form.

— How can you explain such a big number of applicants ready to study on commercial form?

— Above all, I think that they were influenced by the image of our Polytechnic, which prepares good experts. Besides, tuition fee remained the same as last year.

— What is the situation with preferential categories?

— We have the same number of beneficiaries as last year.

— Were there any difficulties during the admission campaign period?

— The Ministry of Education and Science cut down the application process time because of the war on the East, that’s why we had a lot of entrants in the first days: we accepted 5000 applications every day. In general, the situation stabilized and we worked as usual.

— What was new during the admission campaign?

— The war on the East of Ukraine influenced it undoubtedly. The applicants from Donetsk and Lugansk, applying on common laws had the option to send the original documents till November, the 1st. In return, they were obliged to give us the warranty letters instead of original documents with permission of the Ministry of Science and Education. The admission procedure with Crimeans isn’t over yet: the Ministry of Education and Science will provide those who didn’t get on the state form of education with separate target places. Last year we accepted about 75 foreign students. I think that this year will bring the same number. The Ministry of Education recommended the foreign students to change their universities from eastern to the other regions. Maybe, some of them will choose Lviv Polytechnic. We are ready to accept them.