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Health-educational camps of the University

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Training camp "Polytechnic-1" Address in Lviv:
Ukraine, Lviv, 79013, 12 Bandera Str., k.301
Tel: (0322) 258-23-59
Address in Crimea:
Ukraine, Crimea, Alushta, 16 Hlazkrytskoho Str.
Tel: +380 (6560) 333-68, 347-67

A wonderful vacation on the Black Sea!

We invite you to spend your holiday in a green corner of the Crimean peninsula. "Politehiyk-1" is situated in the unique, quiet park corner of "big" Alushta.

Training camp "Polytechnic-2"

Village Slavske, 49 I. Franka Str.;

Tel .: (03251) 4-23-36, TN 097-4081-322

Accounting: tel. (0322) 258-21-20
Rabyk BP, e-mail:rabykatlp [dot] edu [dot] ua

summer vacation — 2015 (arrival and cost)

Winter and summer Carpathians!

Available services:

  • three buildings for 120 places
    (double, triple, quadruple rooms)(дво-, три-, чотиримісні номери)
  • playground
  • sauna
  • lift 200 m from the base

Always glad to see you!

Training camp "Polytechnic-3"

57 453 Mykolaiv region., Kobleve, 3a Stepanova Str.

Tel .: (05153) 9-61-39

TN 050-041-52-24

summer vacation — 2015 (arrival)

Infused with herbs Black Sea steppe ... From the height of the slope, like from a bird's eye view, you can see the majestic Black Sea!

Available services:

compactly placed buildings and houses, designed for 350 seats, a dining room for 150 seats, an amphitheater with dance floor in the center, the open-air, great beach, promenade, volleyball court, library, sports pavilion.