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Rector of Lviv Polytechnic National UniversityYuriy Bobalo :«Look with hope at 2015»

Year, which is forgiven, flew like a flash. 2014 began with the liberation of the Ukrainian society from the tyrant continued mass killings of activists, and now there is war in the East. All this affects teachers and students. And they perform their mission: share some knowledge, the other master it. Rector of the Lviv Polytechnic National University Yuri was Bobalo — optimist. With him talking about the end of 2014 and hope to 2015.

— Yuri Yaroslavovich! Coming to an end very difficult for all of us year, there is no feeling of completeness in any way. How do you feel this end of the year?

— Sense of completeness is a rather relative concept. If to speak about the situation in the state as a whole, rather there is a sense of uncertainty: what will happen next, what will be the fiscal year. There are a number of unresolved issues, it is impossible to predict how they will be addressed. If you talk about your favorite Lviv Polytechnic national University, we have a feeling that 2014 was successful. We have not slid into the worst position in various rankings (occupied from 2 to 10 places), so I look with a certain hope for 2015. In the Polytechnic educational process was normal, we had classes, students took session, received grants, and employees - salaries, allowances, bonuses. Of course, the national event has affected the lives of Polytechnic — some of our students and teachers are fighting in the East.

— The Finance Ministry has asked the ministries with the request to reduce the expenditures of 25. The Internet spreads information that students want to cancel the scholarship. If MES really reduce expenditure on education, what’s then?

— I have read the proposal of the Minister of Finance. Don't want to analyze the articles, but in general the state has financial problems. In order to receive IMF loans, you need to go on reforms that will require the understanding and patience of the people. It is clear that it is difficult to limit ourselves, better when the restrictions do not apply us. But I do not believe that it is possible to cancel free education, scholarships, etc. May be some changes in the funding of the Polytechnics, but not as significant. Whether and to what extent the reduction in research funding, time will tell, but I hope that 2015 would be for the Polytechnics not too complex. I think that in Parliament there are wise people who understand where you can cut funding, and where it’s not worth it.

— New Law On higher education provides for the autonomy of the universities. In particular, the universities had the opportunity to open their Bank accounts. This will help to improve the funding of the polytechnics, which earns money?

— What is autonomy? First of all, this is financial independence. Education, science in the universities without funding is empty talk. There is a provision which allows you to open Bank accounts. And there is the decision of the Academic Board that the Polytechnic has the right to open accounts in the three state-owned banks. But we must do it very carefully. In the Verkhovna Rada a draft law on the Cabinet of Ministers about the universities, which will open a Bank account, will be deprived of the status of the budget of the organization, therefore, to pay all taxes. And there is a dilemma: to open banks accounts, or to hope that the state sooner or later the situation will change. Not everything is so simple.

— 170-th anniversary of Polytechnic celebrated very modestly. Decided to do a holiday for myself, the main thing — people...

— For me, as the rector's really important — the Polytechnic. And when we have decided what to do with the anniversary, it was not the administration's decision, we consulted with the trade Union Committee, «Education», public organizations. Decided not to celebrate loudly. People in the West cannot live, not noticing problems in the state. But we wanted even at a time like this to make people a holiday. For the first time in many years, has awarded about 350 of our employees. These were the awards of the President, Parliament, and Cabinet, and LOG, and Nana, and NAPs, gifts, bonuses.

— In 2013 he moved to the autumn (and eventually cancelled) winter ball. And look how life turned out! What an unpleasant surprise? Is it difficult to change the decision?

— This is a really important question. About surprises is the most unpleasant and the most terrible, when the University identifies bribery. I can't agree with the fact that teachers provoke low salaries. As soon as I realise information about unfair teachers, I verify the information and fired. Another problem: last year I fired two professors (!), but they are already working in other universities. So this phenomenon is very difficult to fight. As with the rest of the problems can be overcome.

— Do the students or teachers ask in cases of corruption, bribery?

— On a telephone hotline, e-reception is sometimes requested. Such calls are very few, but I'm not inclined to calm themselves.

— «I think, Serhiy Kvit will be Minister for European thinking. He and his associates understand that to act in this way, which worked for previous Ministers, impossible. The new Minister has always advocated democracy and fought for the autonomy of Kyiv-Mohyla academy — he understands that without the autonomy of higher education will go the same way», — You said in an interview a few months ago. What do you say now, after working under his supervision?

— I do not envy him. He has a very hard work. For the implementation of the Law «On higher education» there is still so much to do! To develop regulations to make many changes to the existing regulations. Not always it depends on the Minister, often from the academic community, there are disputes, conflicts arise. He needs to bring everything to a common denominator. It's not so easy. Moreover, everything must be done immediately. And there is still ongoing work: funding, scholarships, etc. But none of my call to Minister was ignored. I'm sure he is a man who sells all things written in the Law.

— This Law has come a long way, had a lot of debates, discussions. Could he be better? Predict also because of his embodiment of a breakthrough in the development of science in the University?

— In the new law there is a very good thing: no restrictions concerning international cooperation. As you can see, we cannot expect that the state will soon have the funds for financing of education and science. Therefore don't dream to buy their own equipment and the equipment necessary to get great results. But the new law allows us to go in foreign travel, to use the equipment of foreign companies and universities to conduct scientific research, to participate in all programs of the EU's «Horizon 2020», «Erasmus». It should be used. If you sit and wait, while the state will fund and will solve our problems,you will accomplish nothing. Today (at the time of the interview) the laboratory ABB is opened. Recently we created a lot of teaching and research laboratories with the participation of foreign firms in different institutions. There are people who understand this and are working on it, and here are the results.

— On one of the press conference you said that your most difficult decision ahead. Now it's already over? Maybe we are talking about changing the command of Vice-chancellors?

— The Law «On higher education» is recorded that a person may not hold two positions. Given that almost all the Institute Directors were Department heads, I gave them the opportunity to choose where they see themselves, so each Director has determined itself. In some cases, I asked the Directors of the institutes to remain on duty in the interests of the Institute. I had a conversation with the Vice-rectors Zagorodniy and Pih. It was comfortable to work with them. But Anatoly Grigorievich, and the Zoryan Grygorovych could not leave their teams in the departments. I still consult for the post of Vice-rector on Reseacrh work, conduct interviews with people. At the time the newspaper will solve this problem.

— Although the University is out of politics, in the past and in the new ASU convocation deputies have come from Polytechnic University. Irina Farion returns to the Department of Ukrainian language.Will another former people's Deputy Yuriy Mikhalchishin teach at the University? What kind of support do you expect from Oksana Yurinets?

— I'm happy to take on the work Irina Farion. Yuriy Mikhalchishin has no plans to return. Oksana Yurinets is primarily Polytechnic. No matter where she was, wherever she worked, she always checks her decisions, her actions with Politechnic. So I think that we will cooperate very closely. This is a very active, rational person, patriot of Alma mater.

— You already 7 years chair the Board of rectors of Lviv region. How does this affect the Polytechnic?

— In the Council of rectors, I do not make any decisions favorable for Polytechnics. We are a collective body, decide everything collectively. Nobody hides information. We are going not very often, about once a month. When the state began Maidan, then the war, we met more frequently to support students society. The last joint decision concerned the admission rules.

— When entering, the entrant will now specify the priority of claims. Obviously, the Polytechnic has nothing to worry about, but only leading Kyiv universities can compete. But you said at the previous meeting of Academic Council that it is necessary to work with applicants...

— First of all, we are talking about professional orientation. The academic performance of the student depends on how motivated he is in a profession that develops. Therefore, vocational guidance must be very deep and wide. I do not want to lose professionally oriented students who are in new condition may be confused. Because the rules of admission in different universities (in particular informing applicants about their place in the list) are different. And if a student did not submit original documents, because didn’t notice, he was already offered a job, he generally loses the right to budget training. It is a pity that good students are left behind. So you just have to explain the admissions process. This is the painstaking systematic daily work.

— Despite the war, the economic and political crisis in the society are pessimistic mood. Can add optimism to our readers?

— Everyone who works in Politechnics should know that this is his place of work, which the administration is trying to do paid, comfortable, it should be fun. We always tried to solve problems faced by certain people. Therefore, even in such a hard time I want to reassure all employees that different processes in higher education will not have a negative impact on us. I am sure that the administration at all levels will do everything possible so that every employee have fun and not feel uncomfortable.