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The military hospital received the pulmoflator from Lviv Polytechnic National University for the treatment of Ukrainian soldiers

This outstanding event occurred on October 28, before the next meeting of the Academic Council of Lviv Polytechnic National University. The Rector of the University the Professor Yuriy Bobalo gave the Chairman of the “Prosvita” Society the Professor Khrystyna Burshtynska the floor. She informed the participants about the collection of charitable funds to support Euromaidan and Ukrainian troops in the war with the separatists and the Russian aggressors.

The fundraising began in December 2013. Recently was additionally collected another 30 thousand UAH during the charity concert. Just the charity box of Lviv Polytechnic gathered 928 thousand UAH. 105 thousand UAH was spent on Euromaidan support. 276 thousand UAH were sent to the families of killed and wounded people in the fight against the criminal regime of Yanukovych. 292 thousand UAH was spent on body armor for soldiers in the area of the ATO.

After consultation with the leadership of the District military hospital, where the wounded in the area of the ATO are treated now, Lviv Polytechnic decided to send 245 thousand UAH for the purchase of the modern apparatus for artificial ventilation of the lungs. The Rector of the University Yuriy Bobalo solemnly handed over this device to the military doctors.

Accepting the gift, the Chief anesthesiologist of the hospital the Colonel Stepan Horobchuk warmly thanked Lviv Polytechnic for such a manifestation of patriotism and charity. He drew a parallel between the two historical events. On October 28 1944 Ukraine was purified from the Nazi invaders. We are sure that we will celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of the Ukraine from the new Russian aggressor.

The presented device is the most modern. It can be used not only in the stationary, but also in the field conditions — in cars, airplanes, helicopters. As the doctor said, this device «thinks on its own» which means, it examines the patient and makes recommendations during surgical intervention. The device will save the lives of many wounded and reduce the number of disabled. The Colonel Horobchuk said that now the hospital medical teams are devotedly working in the area of the ATO, in places near the front line.

In the end of the ceremony the Professor Khrystyna Burshtynska reported that the balance of the charity Fund for military forces in ATO is 18 thousand UAH. Therefore, the society «Prosvita» will initiate the further fundraising for the Ukrainian army.

Below is a list of staff and individual employees of Lviv Polytechnic National University, who joined to the fundraising for the wounded in the area of the ATO.