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University Academic Council chose the Directors of Institutes and Heads of the department

At the last meeting of this year Lviv Polytechnic Academic Council considered several issues concerning educational institution life-support and learning organization. The meeting was preceded by meetings of institutions staff, where were elected the candidates for positions of Directors and Heads of certain Departments. It is to remind that under the new Law on Higher Education Vice-Rectors and Directors of the Institutes cannot be Heads of the Department at the same time.

According to the results of the secret voting conducted during the Academic Council were chosen the Directors of Institutes in Lviv Polytechnic:

  • Institute of Architecture — Bogdan Cherkes;
  • Institute of Building and Environmental Engineering — Zynoviy Blikharskyy;
  • Institute of Geodesy — Kornyliy Tretiak;
  • Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences — Yaryna Turchyn;
  • Institute of Ecology, Nature Protection and Tourism — Olexandr Moroz;
  • Institute of Power Engineering and Control Systems — Andriy Lozynskyi;
  • Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport — Oleksiy Lanets;
  • Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies — Mykola Medykovskyi;
  • Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology — Mykola Mykytchuk;
  • Institute of Economics and Management — Oleh Kuzmin;
  • Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology — Volodymyr Ortynskyy;
  • Institute of Telecommunications, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering — Ivan Prudyus;
  • Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies — Joseph Yatchyshyn.

In the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences the elections did not take place because the Director Petro Kalenyuk is being on sick leave.

At a meeting of the University Academic Council were also elected the Heads of the Department:

  • Department of Electronics and Computer Technologies — Yuriy Romanyshyn;
  • Department of Theoretical Radio Engineering and Radio Measurement — Andriy Bondaryev;
  • Information Systems and Networks department — Vasyl Lytvyn;
  • Department of Constitutional and International Law — Vitaliy Kovalchuk;
  • Department of theoretical and practical psychology — Myron Variy;
  • Department of Political Science — Halyna Lutcyshyn;
  • Department of High Precision Mechanics — Orest Ivakhiv;
  • • Department of Plastics Engineering — Oleh Suberliak.

By open voting the Academic Council approved the proposal made by the Rector of the Lviv Polytechnic National University professor Yuriy Bobalo for appointment Natalia Chukhrai to the post of Vice-Rector. Natalia, being 50 years old, is a Doctor of Economics, served as a Head of the Department of Organisations Management.

The Academic Council supported the proposal of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics for nominating the work "Development and implementation of a distributed educational environment based on modern information and communication technologies for the professionals in technical training areas" for the State Prize of Ukraine in the education area for 2015 and included Grygoriy Vaskiv, Volodymyr Pavlysh and Dmytro Fedasiuk to the writing team.