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Rector Yuriy Bobalo congratulated the heads of structural units of the University on New Year and Christmas

On 30 January, the day before the new year, the Rector of the Lviv Polytechnic National University Professor Yuriy Bobalo met with Vice-Rectors, directors of research institutions and colleges in order to congratulate all of the polytechnics with a glass of champagne on upcoming holidays — New Year and Christmas.

The rector recalled how dramatic the passing year was. Euromaidan, loss of the Heavenly Hundred, the annexation of the Crimea, and the aggression of the neighboring state in Donbas ... Lviv Polytechnic has been a part of all these dramatic events.

Despite all the difficulties Lviv Polytechnic, which held the jubilee celebration — the 170th anniversary of the foundation, got along with them: an educational process was held normally, the studies were actively conducted, scholarships and salaries were paid on time.

Year 2015 is not going to be easier.«But let's be optimistic and we will endure the next year if we work in team.» — said Yuriy Bobalo. He wished peace, good health and family harmony to Lviv Polytechnic and all those present.