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Cooperation between science and business: Polytechnic scientists and Lviv business people have met

Vice Rector for Research Prof. Natalia Chukhrai has started off meetings with Lviv Polytechnic researchers and research staff from Lviv companies in order to involve them in joint research work under European program Horizon 2020.

A meaningful dialog took place on 9 February in the Lviv Polytechnic conference hall. Among those who attended the meeting were the representatives of managing board from Elektron corporation, the plants Elektron and Elektronpobutprylad, Karat scientific-research company, JV Spheros-Elektron , Ltd., and Lvivelektrotrans company.

ВOpening the meeting, Vice-Rector for research Natalia Chukhrai said that there were several reasons why the meeting has been convened. Firstly, Elektron corporation needed to refocus on European markets; secondly, it had to develop internal commerce by using advanced technological solutions provided by Polytechnic researchers as well as by searching for new directions of development together with Lviv Polytechnic University. Because of a sharp rise in currency rate and fluctuation in exchange it has become economically infeasible to buy component parts and technologies abroad. Now it is a great chance for business owners and researchers to fix the situation by offering their own economical solutions. Besides, together they could contribute to scientific developments and designing military equipment for the front line since a large sum of money was paid out for the army, a part of it could be disbursed for science.

Research topics and directions under EU framework programme Horizon 2020 were presented by Chief of the Applied Research Laboratory for international scientific cooperation of Lviv Polytechnic University Halyna Lazko. The Polytechnic researchers also shared their achievements.

All in all, during the meeting the parties have agreed to cooperate and started working on multinational and local projects.