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Interesting finds, new acquaintances and great impression: regular archaeological expedition ended involving Lviv polytechnics

From year to year students and often lecturers from Lviv Polytechnic join to the searching archaeological expedition which is conducted by the I. Krypyakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the NAS of Ukraine. The Students’Union gladly supports researches and persuades young people to spend interesting and useful summertime.

Another excavation was completed in the Mariiampil village in Ivano-Frankivsk at the end of August. This summer, more than forty participants from different cities of Lviv and Ukraine joined to the search operation.

— I have been on the excavation for the third time and I hope that will go next year. As always, it was very interesting to work, learn something new from scientists, communicate with friends who are not joining to the expedition for the first time and find new friends, — shared impressions the IPECS fourth-year student Mykola Petryshyn. — The atmosphere in the camp was very friendly, everyone helped each other. We were searching for the ancient tool, but I was lucky to find animal bones. This year our camp was located close to the Dniester River, so we swam and sunbathed a lot. We lived in tents, all together woke up, worked before lunch, and the rest of the time relaxed, talked, took part in various games. Every year my friends go with me and every time I «persuade» new people.

The expedition lasted from the 4th of July to 23rd of August. The excavation area was large and interesting for finds enough, though there were not much of them. One of the most interesting tools that we dug up at the end of the expedition was a stone scraper with clear contours and which could be attached to the wooden handle.

— This time, there were many students from different universities of Ukraine and for the first time including students from Kryvyi Rig. There were also young people from Kyiv, Khmelnytsky, Kharkiv and one settler girl of Crimea. We were expecting on the Polish students, but their parents do not let them go because of the situation in our country. Among the participants were many of those who have arrived in the previous years — said the expedition leader from Lviv Lviv Polytechnic Volodymyr Shepitchak. — Besides work, the youth also had interesting excursions in Ivano-Frankivsk, Galych and in the Krylos village where is an open air museum. Traditionally, students communicated with the expedition leader Professor Oleksandr Sytnyk.

— Last summer I discovered the excavation for myself, so I was waiting with impatience to go on the expedition again this year. It's very romantic to live in nature, cook on the fire and look for the artifacts... Last year I was engaged in excavations three weeks, though planned only a week, but this summer I spent almost a month in the expedition. I have got a wonderful impression! Professor Sytnyk told us interesting historical facts and in addition, he brought his books, so we could spend free time with benefit, — said the ITRE third-year student Dariya Zhukovska. — Previously, I was not very interested in history, but it is really exciting to dig out something, to feel it with hands and to see it with your own eyes. It is striking that a small stone can have such a great story! If I have the opportunity, I will certainly go next year and advice those who have not been in such expeditions visit.