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Steel concrete humour won in KVN [1]: competitions for the Cup "Autumn of Polytechnic - 2014" came to the end

At the end of Students' Day the main originators of the occasion competed for the Cup of "Autumn of Polytechnic". In persistent fight (in the final 7 teams aspired to a victory) builders succeeded(“Concrete” team). They became owners of the Cup in the following "Autumn...".

The main thing is to set the tone

Traditionally the head of youth policy department of university Volodymyr Zalutskyi congratulated students on a "professional" holiday:

— Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the students!

And if with the answer to the first slogan students had no problems, second answer "Glory to the heroes" which cried out again some students, made themselves laugh.

Though Volodymyr Petrovych assured that the administration of university is proud of its youth. After all students were active and during Revolution of dignity, and now show an active civic stand. The means obtained from sale of tickets for a festival, and also money which the audience threw into boxes at an entrance will help the Ukrainian army. From all wishes he stated were marked out all that after the termination of university students should remember the years spent to the Alma Mater as the best in life.

The sincere wishes and inflammatory greeting of Volodymyr Zalutskyj adjusted at once both the audience and teams for the necessary wave. The hall was crowded. Students sat on benches, on window sills, stood in passes between ranks.

The audience very actively supported all teams during each part. Actively applauded to the architects (the letters IARCH which are cut out from foam plastic still traveled then on streets of Lviv). Also jury received a storm of applause. It is clear that they are always applauded by teams the most, but this time especially excited the audience the emergence in a jury row the actor of the First Ukrainian theater for children and youth Igor Guliuk (as the old friend of Politechnic University) and Volodymyr Zhohlo (team of KVN "Bomb", Mlyniv).

The public was adjusted positively this time, audio tuner too (almost not flubed), even microphones refused to work not so often though a joke of economists about the same without which "Autumn of Polytechnic" doesn't go, - about a working microphone, was liked by all as for ever topical.

The most amusing are serious students

Teams competed in three competitions: "Freestyle", "Warm-up" (each judge asked a question, and then gave to one-two teams which, in his opinion, answered the most accurately 0,2 points), "Musical homework".

The IBEE team was in the lead in all competitions. After "Freestyle" the maximum five points, as well as their "steel concrete" humour, took a performance of the team ICCT. The chemists very funny parodied all the rivals. Especially worked well for them images of "blondes" of IHSS.

In warm-up " Insiders " succeeded to answer witty only two questions of jury, whereas "Concrete" - four. At last, there were also teams which finished the second (the most difficult because assumes improvisation) competition with zero result. Generally answers to questions of jury weren't completely failure, simple a little less exact than at leaders.

Homework of team IGD "People of Y" was the most musical. However, the jury in the KVN festival estimates humour therefore to participants of history about Harry Potter on the Indian harmony got quite low points.

The most "studentslike" final performances were prepared by chemists — "Insiders" ("Escape from prison" — based on life in the dormitory) and economists — "Don’t be shy" (history about teachers and students who were handed over the room in the Carpathians at the same time).

After all youth is interested in its own life the most: a studentship (speaking of which, this month it was paid to Students' Day), a session («"Okey, as for going to the Carpathians you have money, and as to pass a session then all about modules, about modules", — "teacher" from IEM team complains), life in a dormitory, dates and so forth. Politics was very little (simply the participant of the "Don’t be shy" team very well manages to parody of Liashko's voice and the judge Yurii Korol, the Magorych studio, for some reason is interested in Irina Farion personality very much). Spudei joke as about their own love to "free of charge" things, so as about a way of life (lots of humour is about alcohol and smoking), and about further employment...But actually all of them understand that the Alma Mater can give them a good start: «"Yes they built 170 years ago, today the Polytechnic University builds our future" (IARH), "The girl who was only on one class in karate is sure that it, as well as the higher education, is necessary for nobody" (IHSS), "The key to success is the diploma of Polytechnic" (IEM).

And the KVN team key to success is an ability to combine serious physiognomies with witty jokes.

So, results are the following:

  1. "Concrete" (IBEE) - 11,8 (5,0 + 0,8 + 6,0)
  2. "Insiders " (ICCT) - 10,8 (5,0 + 0,4 + 5,4)
  3. "Beauty" (IHSS) - 10,0 (4,4 + 0,0 + 5,6)
  4. "Frameworks" (IARCH) - 9,8 (4,6 + 0,4 + 4,8)
  5. "People of Y" (IGD) - 9,2 (4,8 + 0,2 + 4,2)
  6. "Don’t be shy" (IEM) - 8,8 (4,2 + 0,0 + 4,6)
  7. " Trenchant intellectuals" (IENP) - 8,0 (3,6 + 0,0 + 4,4)