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To visit Alma Mater after 45 years: 1969 Lviv Polytechnic’s alumni have come to see Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport (IEMT)

On June 14th eighteen 1969 graduates, whose major was Materials Physics, have visited Department of Applied Material Science and Materials Engineering (AMSME) of Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport (IEMT).

After being gathered together in dear 29th lecturing room in №10 academic building, the group mates told each other about their own career achievements, social activity and family. About department life told us Zoia Duriahina, its head. Graduates were pleasantly surprised that room №29 was named after Prof. Mykola Shulha, who was head of the department at the time they were entering Polytechnic Institute.

Not every group may boast of having successful representatives of an industrial sector or scientists of the highest rank. Among those visiting Alma Mater were Prof. Orest Ivasyshyn, director of Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics (IMP), member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Viktor Fedirko, deputy of Karpenko Physical-Mechanical Institute (Lviv), associate member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Ivan Nironovych, president of Energoresurs-invest Corporation and his deputy Ivan Tretiak.

1969 alumni in Materials Physics carry out such meetings every 5 years. This time they celebrated the 45th anniversary after the graduation.