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The Maidan issues and hopes for a new life dominated discussion on the works meeting of the University staff

On the February, 27 this year took place a works meeting of the staff of the Lviv Polytechnic National University. As known, it was to be held on February, 20 but was postponed due to the dramatic political situation in the country. This time the conference took place exactly at a time when the Parliament of Ukraine had elected a new government.

Conference delegates elected by secret ballot the members of the University Academic Board. Delegates heard a report from the head of teachers trade union committee​ Volodymyr Haiduk on the implementation of the collective agreement for the 2012­-2013 academic year and approved the contract for the 2014­-2015 academic year.

During the conference was approved the organizing committee, regulations and quotas for election of delegates to the meeting for a subsequent period. Chairman of ​ University Academic Board​ Anton Malynovskyi reported on this issue. He was warmly welcomed by the delegates because he's performed this community work over the last 23 years. Under his chairmanship took place the working meeting in 1991 when Yuriy Rudavskyi was elected to the rector of the University for the first time.

Due to financial difficulties ten members of the staff terminated their membership in the housing cooperative of the University while ten others were admitted. Therefore, the rector of the Lviv Polytechnic National University Professor Yuriy Bobalo decided not to ask the city mayor for the second allocation of the land for a cooperative on J.Lennon street.

The rector also brought some new information on active participation of teachers and students of Lviv Polytechnic on Euromaidan. During the escalation of violent confrontation operated the group headed by Head of Material and Technical Supply Department ​Ruslan Voloshin, who supplied the protesters with clothing, food, and medicine.

He reported that the University staff gathered more than 63 thousand Hryvnias of financial support for families of those killed on the Maidan. Conference delegates decided to distribute funds to the Council Society "Prosvita" under the direction of Khrystyna Burshtynska.

Rector Yuriy Bobalo expressed hope that the new Ukrainian government, a new Ministry of Education and Science will resolve the issues of blocking the university funds by the state treasury. These funds should be kept on a Universitiy’s bank account. This will help to strengthen the material and technical base, intensify research and development and solve pressing social problems.

Rector called all members of Lviv Polytechnic to be demanding not only to the new government, but also to themselves, to work more disciplined and to eliminate the possibility of corruption and bribery.