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Top young scientists of the year (the best young scientists of the year): at Lviv Polytechnic the contest winners were solemnly congratulated

At the Lviv Polytechnic on May 15, on the eve of Science Day, the winners of the contest "The Best Young Scientist of the year" were solemnly congratulated.

Professor Yuriy Bobalo, the Rector of the University, congratulating the talented young people on “very good results”, emphasized that Lviv Polytechnic had the best rates of young scientists educating among all Ukrainian universities. He also expressed his satisfaction that in recent years in Polytechnic many doctoral theses were defended by under 35-aged scientists, and the effectiveness of postgraduate students educating was 74 percent.

— During the seven years since I’m Rector, it has been defended 115 doctoral and 550 candidate theses, - said proudly Yuriy Yaroslavovych. – I am sure you will not stop on the achieved and will continue to work on improving your academic degree and defend also the doctoral thesis. I wish you success in the academic field.

Young scientists were congratulated also by Zorian Pikh, the Vice-Rector for scientific work, again emphasizing that that day's action (event) was dedicated to the Day of Science and the 170th anniversary of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, which is being celebrated this year. Zorian Grygorovych believes that in the future young scientists will determine the University’s education and science level, and their task will be to implement the reforms initiated in education, science and state. And now, effective relationships between young scientists and professors, who prepare a scientific replacement, are important for solving problems of continuity and progress in the University human resources growth.

Galyna Klym, the Associate Professor of the Department of Specialized Computer Systems of ICTA, Victor Kusnezh, the Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physics of IMFS, Roman Nebesnyy, the assistant research fellow (scientist) of ICCT and Igor Olexiv, the Associate Professor of the Department of Management and International Business of IEM, presented briefly their scientific works at the celebration. By the way, Igor Olexiv has made himself a nice gift to the Day of Science — he defended his doctoral thesis.

The Rector’s order of the "The Best Young Scientist of the year" winners recognition was read by Liliya Zhuk, the Deputy Head of Polytechnic SRD, and the winners were awarded diplomas and souvenirs by Zorian Pikh and Oksana Yurynets, the Head of the Council of Young Scientists of the University.