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Founders are already taught at the Lviv Polytechnic National University: a new technical speciality

A new technical specialty appeared for the first time in recent years at Lviv Polytechnic National University. This is the Foundry at the Department of Applied Material Science and Materials Engineering (AMSME), Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport (IEMT). Professor Zoya Duryahina, Head of Department AMSME, tells about the founder experts that are in demand at the regional labor market and peculiarities of their training in our university.

— The first group of founder-students has already studied. Our department received license to train 30 bachelors with a specialization in of Foundry since September 1, 2014, just before the enrolment campaign. We were able to enrol 15 first-year students and fulfill state order, — informs the Head of Department.

Specialists in Foundry are not prepared in any university of West Ukraine. According to Zoya Antonivna, this specialty is in National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute." (NTUU "KPI"), National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk) and Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University (Luhansk).

— - In recent years, there appear a lot of small businesses that produce artistic casting and industrial foundry products. The network of dental clinics that require our specialists develops. Such large enterprises in Lviv as armored, aircraft, jewelry and prosthetic plants need young professionals. In addition, the guide of SOE Argentum which has been developing and improving the technology of non-ferrous alloys casting, solders manufacturing of different chemical depot for engineering and instrument making industries turns to us for help. We have even provided several examinations for this enterprise on a by-order basis. At the same time we prepare a cooperation agreement with it. When we opened the specialty, the heads of all of these businesses expressed support to us in written form and armored plant chief Olexandr Ostapets even announced that he is ready to provide modest scholarships to two foundry students that we will prepare exactly for the armored plant. I believe this close cooperation with enterprises, on which request we target our students, will have a good result because the best advertisement for us is a quality young professionals training. The high level of their professional skills will play a role of our business card for students and employers, — says the professor.

Regarding the programs for bachelors, the University is to meet the national standards of academic activities construction. However, the management of department accumulates methodical and practical framework for quality Master founders education. We hope to get the right to train them in a few years.

— - We call the specialization field of study Foundry "art, dental, jewelry and orthopedic casting". It is planned that the Master students, as in NTUU "KPI", will be able to choose and get deepen knowledge of art or dental, jewelry or orthopedic casting. Then they will know clearly where they can be realized completely. It is important to cooperate with fellow scientists of Ukrainian and foreign universities. Recently I with an associate professor Eduard Pleshakov visited the department of foundry production in Rzeszow University. Polish colleagues not only expressed their willingness to invite our students for the entire term, but also offered us bases for business practices and methodological support that we will definitely use in the teaching situation. In addition, the Department of Foundry in Rzeszow University of Technology (RUT) had earlier launched a consortium “East Foundry cluster KomCast”, to which, in addition to Polish casting firms and companies joined the Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian universities that train specialists in this field. Since we opened specialty Foundry the Lviv Polytechnic National University was also invited to join this structure. It is the opportunity for us to participate in various scientific meetings during which new technologies are discussed and all share their experience. If we want to integrate our education in the European educational space, it is very important to learn quickly about new software programs and implement the best examples of them, — considers Zoya Antonivna.

The Department AMSME, which was founded 142 years ago, has many specialized workshops/laboratories. Soon it will be opened another one within TEMPUS MMATENG.

— Although our TEMPUS-project concerns the curricula modernization and logistics updating for students who study in Engineering Materials, we need also a new workshop/laboratory for students-founders. After all, Engineering Materials and Foundry are two training areas, which belong to the same subject area/department of knowledge. We can say surely that our major Foundry as for our partners and for didactic material, that is prepared on the basis of the TEMPUS program, is on the level of/is similar to European model, — tells Zoja Duryahina.