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Sofia Frenkel, the head of Liaison Centre France – Ukraine, visited IIEC of Lviv Polytechnic University

On September 8, 2014 International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations of National University Lviv Polytechnic held a meeting with Sofia Frenkel, the head of newly created Liaison Centre France — Ukraine. Sofia Frenkelis a citizen of France.

She has an active social position and spreads knowledge about Ukraine in the French space. Sofia Frenkelis one of the first students of our Institute Summer School "SteptoUkraine", a participant of numerous conferences and congresses organized by IIEC.

In the spring of 2014 Sofia Frenkel initiated the creation of the Center. It was established with the support of France. The Center is to become a place of exchange and communication between cultural, educational and social circles of both countries with specific aim to increase knowledge about Ukraine in Europe. According to Sofia Frenkel the Center wants to make its contribution to the reconstruction of a new social landscape, especially among the generation born after The Proclaimation of Independence, and mobilize citizens and social institutions around ideas focused on the most European models. Local, regional, political and cultural units joined the Center. As Sofia Frankel says from a practical point of view center offers networking between different partners in various formats.

Participants of the meeting discussed cooperation between IIEC and the Liaison Centre France — Ukraine including the possibility of organizing a Ukrainian language course for interested citizens of France. They also talked over the cooperation agreement.