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A year of book life: Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House summarizes/draw conclusions of the previous year

The beginning of new year is partly the result of the previous one. We always draw plans for the future, viewing the important events with achievements and results of the previous year. Stéphane Mallarmé claimed "Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book" and we paraphrase: which books were published in 2014 and which will be in 2015?

Anniversary Books

The year 2014 was the anniversary for Lviv Polytechnic National University — 170 years since the establishment of the first technical school in Ukraine. Four important and thorough publishing projects were prepared and implemented in books on the occasion to the alma mater anniversary.

Great illustrated edition — album "Lviv Polytechnic National University in photos. Part 1 (1844-1990)", which gathered under its cover the photos and documents that illustrate main events, stages of Lviv Polytechnic National University development (since the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy 1844-1918, Inter-War Period 1918-1939, and Polytechnic in 1939-1990). Still in process is the work on the second edition of the album — the modern Polytechnic’s period within 1991-2015.

"Bibliographic Index" Lviv Polytechnic National University in publications (1844-2013)" highlights the significant stages of the university for nearly 170 years: the literature of departments history, research institutes and departments, associations and additional research institutions, bibliographical descriptions of publications and facts about authors — the university prominent figures — are collected.

It could be originally and easy to study the alma mater history with the help of album directory "Commemorative coins, medals and badges — the historic symbols of Lviv Polytechnic National University", as important historical dates and events mirrored on badges, medals and coins. Catalogue is the first attempt to organize/systematize and describe important milestone of the 170-year Polytechnic history in coins.

An architectural atlas "Lviv Polytechnic National University" is to be published soon with the historical and contemporary photographs of the architectural Polytechnic complex origin and formation, with information about the design and construction history of educational and administrative buildings, dormitories, training grounds, sports camps.

Books — winners

Every year it is important for Publishers to participate in book fairs and book contests. This is the communication with colleagues, readers, customers, the exchange of experience and ideas. The crucial distinction for all Ukrainian publishers is the main book event — The Publishers’ Forum. The textbook "Managerial Accounting" and the corresponding workshop received the Special Jury award "Economic science, Banking business" in September, 2014.

Personally award of jury chairman Bogdan Morklyanyk of the 21st Publishers Forum received the Andrew Bolyanovskij monograph "Foreign military units in the Germany armed forces (1939-1945)".

At the end of last year, Anna’s Kos guide "The Lviv’s Market Square" in English and Ukrainian came in a third in the nomination "Reference materials" of competition for Ukrainian publishing support in Lviv, which was organized by the Culture Department of Humanitarian Policy of Lviv City Council.

There will be also the declaration of books-winners of another important publishers and book lovers contest — "Book of the Year 2014" on February 7 in Kiev in the Suzirya (Constellation) Ukrainian Dance Theatre. We look forward to the results as the Andrij Bolyanovskij monograph "Foreign military units in the German armed forces (1939-1945)" was included in the short list of the nomination "Mynuvshina" (Foretime).

Books in the Numbers

In Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House in 2014 were published 5 books, 74 textbooks, 23 monographs, 10 reference works, 17 sourcebooks and conference abstracts, 14 scientific journals, 4 interdepartmental scientific and technical journals, 22 gazettes of Lviv Polytechnic National University.

The large Irina’s Farion’s monograph "Social status of Ruthenian (Ukrainian) language in XIV- XVII centuries: linguistic consciousness, linguistic reality, language perspective" and textbook written by authors of the Department of Organic Chemistry (OC) "Food toxicology" will open a new year of book.