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The XVI International Conference on Computational problems in Electrical Engineering Was Held in Our University

The co-organizers of this prestigious scientific meeting, named «Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering», were the leading scientific institutions of Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Besides Lviv Polytechnic National University, there participated Technical University of Warsaw, Technical University of Lodz, the University of Western Bohemia, and the University of Zhylina, as well as Polish group and Ukrainian center of engineers in electrical engineering and electronics.

Yuriy Bobalo, rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University, noted that the fact of holding the conference indicates continuous interest to new scientific problems and tasks in the branch of electrical engineering and related sciences, it also indicates the necessity of continuous exchange of scientific experience and ideas, the necessity of personal communication among scientists.

There were reports of Ukrainian, Polish, and Iranian scientists in the conference. During speech and poster sessions, there were interesting arguments and discussions of reports, in particular, those concerning the problems of electromagnetic fields, theory of electric circuits and systems, signals processing and their identification, theoretical and practical achievements, innovative-educational aspects, etc.

The working language of the conference was English. But we had something to translate. Mariya Hovykovych, an associate professor of the Institute of Power Engineering and Control Systems, academic secretary of the conference, who temporarily resides in USA and arrived to deliver her report, excellently coped with that task.

The main contribution into organization and holding the conference was made by the personnel of the department of general and theoretical electrical engineering headed by prof, Petro Stakhiv, doctor of technical sciences. As the very name of the department designates its theoretical orientation, we asked Oksana Hoholuk, associate professor of the department, whether the scientific and educational activity of the department concerns the application of its scientific works. This is what she told us:

– Our department deals with development of methods and means of mathematical modeling of wide class of electromechanical power systems. We develop our own software in order to be able to model such systems, we adapt them to specific objects which are in operation in Ukrainian electric power networks. We have our laboratories, in particular, a new intellectual laboratory the aim of which is to combine simulation modeling and natural (full-scale) experiment with the use of computer means for training the students of computer and radio-engineering specialties, which helps them to master modern methods of modeling and investigation of electric circuits. Our department deals also with development of new didactic means in the branch of electrical engineering.

– What of the materials of the conference which you have read or heard in reports are interesting to you ?

– As to me, it is the application of electrical engineering approaches in medicine that I am interested in. Two important reports on this subject matter were delivered. The first one was delivered by prof. Jacek Starzynsky from Warsaw Polytechnic University. He describes electrical methods for diagnosing some oncological diseases, in particular, tumors of prostate. And the other report was on behalf of a team of authors from Institute of Electric Welding named after Ye. O. Paton of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, this report was about execution of sutureless operations in surgery.