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Lviv Academic Gymnasium of University: Co-operation with German Schools Continues

Lviv Academic Gymnasium, which is a structural subdivision of Lviv Polytechnic National University, keeps and develops friendly relations with teachers and students of school of the German town of Furstenfeldbruk (Bavaria) during recent years. Nowadays,nine students and two teachers of that school are on a visit to this gymnasium.

This time, the main aim of the visit of the German guests is the implementation of the project of study of history of Ukrainian host-arbeiters in Germany during World War II, collection of materials about fates of that people after the war. The German take care about the fates of forced migrants from The Near East, Africa, and Asia. Our guest Elisabeth Toha-Ring is a volunteer for reception of refugees to Germany. She and her colleague Dorothey Kunz (they both are teachers of English) support the intention of Angela Merkel to relieve the life of people who have to leave their countries because of wars and inter-religious intolerance.

During the week, the teachers and children from Germany learned out everyday life of the Ukrainian gymnasy. The guests highly appreciated the students knowledge in English and German languages.

Nataly Rottenfuser and Diosis von Mefert, students from German, told Ukrainian people that their parents did not hesitate as to let them to go to Ukraine, thou there continues war actions in Donbass. They knew that Lviv is a peaceful and amiable for different nationalities city. Young Germans’ impressions concerning Ukrainian people were excellent.

As in previous years, students and teachers from Germany stayed in families of lvovites. Romam Korzh, vice-rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University (his son is a student of the fourth form in the gymnasium) told on the parents’ meeting that each German child should have a separate room in the dwelling he stays. The children had their meals in the dinning-room of the gymnasium.

Next week, the group of students and teachers return to Germany.