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Systems which are called for by Ukrainian society: MEMSTECH 2015 International Scientific Conference has completed its work

In the XI annual scientific international conference, which this times was held at the village of Polana, Transcarpathian region, Ukrainian and Polish scientists spoke about prospective technologies and methods of MEMS designing. The organizers of the conference were Lviv Polytechnic National University, Warsaw Polytechnic University, Academy of Metallurgy and Mines named after S. Stashyts of Krakow.

This times, the participants of the conference were scientists of only the two countries, thou the previous conferences were visited by representitives from almost the whole world – Byelorussia, Slovak republic, India, Northern Korea, USA, France, Hungary, China, Spain, Egypt, Russia. Such reduction in the number of participants is accounted for by the military actions in the east of Ukraine.

– In spite of the less number of participants, (only 34 reports were heard), this conference is successful, because of the fact that the «Microelectromechanical Systems Designing» Summer school, in which 16 students from Lviv, Kharkiv, Dontsk, and Kyiv (4 students from each city)which were interested in scientific work participated, was held simultaneously at Polana. Thus, till noon, they participated in their trainings, and participants of the conference could come and listen to them; and in the afternoon, they could join the listeners of the conference, – said Mykhailo Melnyk, secretary the organizing committee of the conference, associate professor of the department of computer aided design.

– By the way, after their stay in Transcarpathian region, the participants of the Summer school, which is on of the directions of activity of «Tempus» project, have several days of practical trainings in the laboratory of our department, – said Vasyl Teslyuk, professor of the CAD department.

The participants of the «Prospective Technologies and Methods of MEMC Designing» conference were both young and old scientists – representatives from higher educational institutions of Wroclaw, Lodz, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Donetsk, and, of course, of lviv Polytechnic National University. They discussed issues which, first of all, are related to micromechanical systems. Some reports were prepared and delivered ih the framework of EduMEMS project, which provides for co-operation of the four polytechnical universities – of Wroclaw, Lodz, Lviv, and Kyiv, as well as the laboratory of Toulusa (France) – with the aim to create books and methodological directives , lectures, presentations for Ukrainian students who are specialized in study of micromechanical systems. There were also reports on medical developments in which such systems are employed and which are developing rather rapidly, as well as on military developments which are urgently called fof during the war time.

Micromechanical systems are lighter, cheaper, less energy consuming, more reliable and more effective; just for this reason such varieties of MEMS devices as gyroscopes and accelerators are widely used in different devices and pilotless vehicles. This conference has proved that we are able to develop models and means for designing such MEMS devices, – summarizes the talk Mykhailo Lobur, head of the organizing committee of the conference, head of the department of CAD.