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A round table meeting in Ukrainian Parliament on issues of education of Ukrainian children under nowadays’s crisis condition

On the 18th of September, the round table meeting devoted to problems of Ukrainian children under conditions of nowadays’s crisis was held by International Institute of Education and Culture (IIEC) of Lviv Polytechnic National University in the premises of Ukrainian Supreme Council. In the framework of its work, peculiarities of national and patriotic education were considered, results of the «Life – to you» project in the context of implementation of the new concept of national and patriotic education of children and youth were also discussed.

The co-organizers of the round table meeting were parliamentary Committee for Science and Education, parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee for regional and cross-boarder co-operation with EC countries affiliated with parliamentary Committee for Issues of European Integration.

Among the participants of the round table meeting there were Maryna Porosshenko, wife of Ukrainian president, Rafat Chubarov, head of Mendgelis of Crimean Tatars, Oleh Petrenko, head of Subcommittee for national and patriotic education of children and youth, Mycola Kuleba,ombudsman for children, Serhiy Kasianchuk, director of Mission of World Congress of the Ukrainian in Ukraine, Lilia Hrynevych, head of parliamentary Committee for Science and Education, Oksana Yurynets, head of Subcommittee for regional and cross-boarder co-operation with EC countries affiliated with parliamentary Committee for Issues of European Integration, Hanna Hopko, head of parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs, Iryna Heraschenko, head of parliamentary Committee for European Integration, Ion Elvedal Fredrikhsen, extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Norway in Ukraine, Roman Matsola and Olena Matuzko, members of parliament of Ukraine, Pavlo Kyshkar, commander of «Donbass» group under National Guard of Ukraine.

When opening the work of the meeting, Iryna Kluchkovska, said: «A sub final regulation of the Concept of National-patriotic education as well as results of implemented by us great project have induced us to conduct this meeting. This project is the book which we consider to be a document of Ukraine of XXI century; we have very important sources: thoughts, estimations, judgments from children; to-day, they are schoolchildren, and to-morrow they will be leaders of our state» The investigation of such child’s works has indicated that children of different ages treat the events in Ukraine of 2014–2015 differently: the elder age, the more pessimism. There are also peculiarities as to geographical regions: children from Donetsk region write about tolerance, changes, reforms, European values; and children from Odessa region about peace, security, Crimea; they also write about wounded men, deaths, etc.

«For everybody who educates children and youth, in order to implement the Concept, it is necessary to take into account the conditions which nowadays influence psycho-emotional state of children. Are the teachers now ready to change their conceptual approaches to the work with children?» – encouraged to discussion Iryna Kluchkovska.

The guest of honour in the meeting was Maryna Poroshenko, wife of Ukrainian president. She recommended the adults who deal with education to read the book «Life to you».

«If we to-day refuse to pay attention to our children, we can lose our future. That project enables us to see our tasks in different way. The project in such form, where politicians and scientists participate, is perhaps the first one; it is important to join our efforts in the sake of our future; we willsucceed in all of this.» – summarized the work of the meeting Oksana Yurunets, member of Ukrainian parliament.

Participants of the meeting were especially deeply moved with listening to passages of the book «Life to you», which were read by young authors. There participated members of Ukrainian parliament, rectors, vice-rectors, and lecturers of leading higher education institutions from the whole Ukraine, representatives of Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, The Research Institute of Ukrainian Folklore Sciences, as well as Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, regional councils and public organizations in the discussions of the recommendations to organs of legislative and executive power. It is important that the materials are to be to given immediately to corresponding authorities, and they will be taken into account when developing and improving legislative acts, in particular, the Concept of National Education; they will become a stimulus for scientific development and creation of recommendations for specialists, i.e. for psychologists, social workers, and pedagogues.