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Hydrogel bandages which are developed by inventors of Lviv Polytechnic National University already save lives of Ukrainians

A unique technology of fixation of hydrogel to polymer surfaces has been developed in the department of organic chemistry of Lviv Polytechnic National University. The technology has become a basis of creation of hydrogel medical means (bandages).

The developed hydrogel bandages, which are reinforced by polymer networks, protect wounds against mechanical injuries by far better as compared to their analogues; and their filling with medicines of broad spectrum (pain-relieving, bacteriostatic, therapeutic, hemostatic) gives us a possibility of flexible approach to the curative process, to take into account individual peculiarities of the patient and the stage of heeling of the wound.

The physico-mechanical properties of hydrogels enable us to produce bandages of large sizes ( «burn covers») which are used for emergency aid in the case of broad injuries of skin. The technology of production of such bandages ensures absence of toxic low-molecular-weight compounds or compounds which can cause allergenic reaction.

The developed methods of hydrogels formation are of high technology, and the row materials for their fabrication are easily available; this is an important factor in ensuring their competitiveness in comparison with the imported analogues.

The invention is already clinically tested and certified. Such hydrogel bandages already save lives of Ukrainians, in particular, in the war in the east of Ukraine.

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