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Teaching staff from the IEM Institute have successfully completed practical trainings in European Union

Teaching staff from the Economics and Management Institute of Lviv Polytechnic National University has successfully completed practical trainings, held at the Integration Society «Magnum Bonum» (Poland, Krasnystaw). Trainings were devoted to practical experiences of the international agroturism organization, development and its adaptation for people with health problems and disabilities.

The event was attended by associate professor Andrew Dzyubina (management of organisations department), senior lecturer Kateryna Dzyubina (foreign trade and customs department) and assistant Galina Podvalna (marketing and logistics department).

Trainings were funded by the European Commission in the CBC Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine (project IPBU.03.01.00-06-310/11-00»). During the trainings scientists have been fulfilled tasks provided by IEM Institute training programs and received certificates.

The participants express great gratitude to the organizers of the program: head of the Integration Society «Magnum Bonum» Wieslaw Brodovsky, head of the «Green Cross» Association Alexander Voloshynskyi and head of the Center for International Education Igor Oleksiv for information consulting conducting while the reporting documentation formation.