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Lviv Polytechnic Rector's Greetings on September 1 – Knowledge Day

Dear students and professors of the glorious Lviv Polytechnic! Dear parents! On behalf of the university administration let me sincerely and cordially congratulate you on Knowledge Day!

Apparently, no one should argue that the September 1 is a truly national holiday of humanity and kindness, wisdom and hope, faith and love. This is an exhilarating rush to new discoveries, beginning of radiant and challenging way to knowledge, scientific understanding and vision of the world and our own who are in it. The demand for higher education, the modern professions associated with the latest high technologies required by the labor market grows nowadays more than ever. So to you, dear students of Lviv Polytechnic, the responsible task raises – primarily to form your identity. A person has to think in a creative way, try to know the unknown, make a goal and certainly achieve it.

This has to be the credo of the modern student. Great Charles Darwin said this: «You can learn just becuse you love». Love science, love knowledge – and that will return you a hundredfold.

Prof. Yuriy Bobalo, Rector of Lviv Polytechnic University

Rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University Prof. Yuriy Bobalo
wearing traditional robes with rector chain

With great pleasure I want to ascertain that on the basis of this year's admissions, our friendly and cohesive polytechnic family added 4 thousand 623 students, more than it was last year. It is encouraging that among them there are over 460 gold and silver medalists, many students are winners of national competitions among pupils. I hope that they will confirm with the success of the training (and study here is not so easy) the true test of their school gold and silver medals.

In addition, more than 400 college students joined the Lviv Polytechnic family, working with our university in tandem – according to uniform curriculum.

A characteristic feature of admissions in 2012 was the fact that in many areas of training the pass mark significantly increased. But despite this, we have gained a high ranking figure, having taken the fifth place among the best Ukrainian universities. The contest here was 12 people on a place.

Great Ukrainian beacon, our famous countryman Ivan Franco, a man who all his life has not ceased to learn, who was fluent in 14 languages, who wrote dozens of brilliant literary works and scientific treatises, prophetically called the main driving powers of social progress – Spirit, Science, Thought and Freedom. It is still extremely urgent, and now – at a time when we are building our independent, free and sovereign European state – Ukraine, which in these days was twenty-one years old.

In this solemn day I am primarily applying to freshmen. Today you have an opportunity to study in one of the best and most prestigious universities in Ukraine – the glorious Lviv Polytechnic, which this year turns 168. Be proud that you are members of this friendly and cohesive Polytechnic family, save and enhance its traditions and heritage.

With all the warmth of heart I express my gratitude to our teachers for their daily intense creative work. My congratulations to our students' parents, I wish them patience and understanding with their descendants.

I wish all the students of the Lviv Polytechnic great inspiration towards conquering new heights of knowledge, persistence and patience, wisdom and discernment! I am sure your skills, hard work, high patriotic feelings will ensure further progress and you will be proud of your Homeland.

Rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University
Chairman of Lviv Region Rectors' Council
Professor Yuriy Bobalo