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Institute of Geodesy

XXI International Conference «Geoforum – 2016»

13 April 2016, 09:00 - 15 April 2016, 18:00

In April 13–15, 2016, the XXI International Conference «Geoforum – 2016» devoted to anniversary of the professional holiday of workers of geodesy and carthography will be held by Lviv Polytechnic National University on the territory of «Perlyna» holiday center in the town of Brukhovychi. Scientists, engineers, specialists, experts,and businessmen are welcome.

5th International Youth Science Forum «Litteris et Artibus 2015»

26 November 2015, 09:00 - 28 November 2015, 18:00

Welcome to the 5th Youth Science Forum «Litteris et Artibus»!

Top young scientists of the year (the best young scientists of the year): at Lviv Polytechnic the contest winners were solemnly congratulated

At the Lviv Polytechnic on May 15, on the eve of Science Day, the winners of the contest "The Best Young Scientist of the year" were solemnly congratulated.

Steel concrete humour won in KVN [1]: competitions for the Cup "Autumn of Polytechnic - 2014" came to the end

At the end of Students' Day the main originators of the occasion competed for the Cup of "Autumn of Polytechnic". In persistent fight (in the final 7 teams aspired to a victory) builders succeeded(“Concrete” team). They became owners of the Cup in the following "Autumn...".

Rector Yuriy Bobalo congratulated the heads of structural units of the University on New Year and Christmas

On 30 January, the day before the new year, the Rector of the Lviv Polytechnic National University Professor Yuriy Bobalo met with Vice-Rectors, directors of research institutions and colleges in order to congratulate all of the polytechnics with a glass of champagne on upcoming holidays — New Year and Christmas.

University Academic Council chose the Directors of Institutes and Heads of the department

At the last meeting of this year Lviv Polytechnic Academic Council considered several issues concerning educational institution life-support and learning organization. The meeting was preceded by meetings of institutions staff, where were elected the candidates for positions of Directors and Heads of certain Departments. It is to remind that under the new Law on Higher Education Vice-Rectors and Directors of the Institutes cannot be Heads of the Department at the same time.

The military hospital received the pulmoflator from Lviv Polytechnic National University for the treatment of Ukrainian soldiers

This outstanding event occurred on October 28, before the next meeting of the Academic Council of Lviv Polytechnic National University. The Rector of the University the Professor Yuriy Bobalo gave the Chairman of the “Prosvita” Society the Professor Khrystyna Burshtynska the floor. She informed the participants about the collection of charitable funds to support Euromaidan and Ukrainian troops in the war with the separatists and the Russian aggressors.

Rector of Lviv Polytechnic National UniversityYuriy Bobalo :«Look with hope at 2015»

Year, which is forgiven, flew like a flash. 2014 began with the liberation of the Ukrainian society from the tyrant continued mass killings of activists, and now there is war in the East. All this affects teachers and students. And they perform their mission: share some knowledge, the other master it. Rector of the Lviv Polytechnic National University Yuri was Bobalo — optimist. With him talking about the end of 2014 and hope to 2015.

The head of the Lviv Astronomical Society Liubov Yankiv-Vitkovska: scientists in love with the Sun

Did you know that there is the public institution of scientists and astronomers in Lviv, which members can answer on any questions about space? Before International Astronomy Day, which is celebrated by the world on 7th of May, the head of the Lviv Astronomical Society (LAS), associate professor of department of Higher Geodesy and Astronomy IGD Liubov Yankiv-Vitkovska told us about this “star” Society, own experience of scientific editing of the children’s book and initiative of creating of Astronomical Educational Union on Facebook.

Ten-Day International Seminar on Modern Geodetic Concepts Completed at the Institute of Geodesy

Tempus project «Geoinformation technology for sustainable development in Eastern neighboring countries», which began in October 2010, will complete in October this year. On this occasion, since April 15, the ten-day international seminar on modern geodetic concepts was held at the Institute of Geodesy.

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