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Vyacheslav Chornovil Institute of Ecology, Nature Protection and Tourism

International scientific and technical conference «Eco-comfort»

11 October 2016, 09:00 - 12 October 2016, 18:00

The international scientific and technical conference «Eco-comfort» will be held in Lviv Polytechnic National University in October 11–12, 2016.

Ist International Conference on Water Supply and Wastewater Removal

4 November 2015, 09:00 - 6 November 2015, 18:00

On November 4–6, 2015, the Ist International Conference on Water Supply and Wastewater Removal: designing, construction, operation and monitoring, which is devoted to urgent issues of water supply and wastewater removal, as well as to water purification, wastewater and sludge treatment, will be held in Lviv Polytechnic National University.

5th International Youth Science Forum «Litteris et Artibus 2015»

26 November 2015, 09:00 - 28 November 2015, 18:00

Welcome to the 5th Youth Science Forum «Litteris et Artibus»!

Polytechnics call friends for a journey. University students launched an unusual tourist project.

XXI century with the spread of IT not only poses challenges for us, but also provides interesting opportunities. Realizing this, the students of Lviv Polytechnic established unusual tourist project Friends' Travel. Its main "office" is located in social networks, all customers are students, but the journeys are still real. Even more, they are low-cost!

Top young scientists of the year (the best young scientists of the year): at Lviv Polytechnic the contest winners were solemnly congratulated

At the Lviv Polytechnic on May 15, on the eve of Science Day, the winners of the contest "The Best Young Scientist of the year" were solemnly congratulated.

​ Learning from Lublin how to discard rubbish properly: Lviv Polytechnic students take part in environmental project

It is just us,Lviv citizens still throwing away every year in regular garbage pounds of mercury, lead and other substances that belong to the carcinogens of the highest class of danger. How is that possible? In is stored batteries and energy­saving lamps mercury, which, according to research by ecologists, uses every family in Lviv. To teach citizens to deal with dangerous waste
and create opportunities for its recycling through the example of Lublin are the main purposes of Lviv City Council Urban Development Department in cooperation with the NGO "Environmental Initiatives" and co­financing by the EU.

Steel concrete humour won in KVN [1]: competitions for the Cup "Autumn of Polytechnic - 2014" came to the end

At the end of Students' Day the main originators of the occasion competed for the Cup of "Autumn of Polytechnic". In persistent fight (in the final 7 teams aspired to a victory) builders succeeded(“Concrete” team). They became owners of the Cup in the following "Autumn...".

Young people will protect the environment. The first International Student Ecology Congress was held at the University

About a hundred of students from Vinnytsya, Poltava, Cherkasy, Kremenchug, Sumy and Lviv higher educational institutions took part in the first International Student Congress, which is called «Environmental protection. Sustainable Nature Management» passed on the 15-16th of May at Lviv Lviv Polytechnic.

Rector Yuriy Bobalo congratulated the heads of structural units of the University on New Year and Christmas

On 30 January, the day before the new year, the Rector of the Lviv Polytechnic National University Professor Yuriy Bobalo met with Vice-Rectors, directors of research institutions and colleges in order to congratulate all of the polytechnics with a glass of champagne on upcoming holidays — New Year and Christmas.

University Academic Council chose the Directors of Institutes and Heads of the department

At the last meeting of this year Lviv Polytechnic Academic Council considered several issues concerning educational institution life-support and learning organization. The meeting was preceded by meetings of institutions staff, where were elected the candidates for positions of Directors and Heads of certain Departments. It is to remind that under the new Law on Higher Education Vice-Rectors and Directors of the Institutes cannot be Heads of the Department at the same time.

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