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DH Department

Highways Department history


In November 1817 the Real School was opened in Lviv, which in 1846 was reorganized into the Technical Academy with four faculties: Engineering, Architectural, Automobile Construction and Chemistry. By 1873 the Faculty of Engineering was divided into Construction and Engineering Departments. On August 29, 1873, the Department of Road and Waterway Construction was established on the basis of the Engineering Department. Austro-Hungarian government decided to introduce the course of Road and Waterway Management on July 30, 1874. Engineer Joseph Richter (1842-1917) began to hold it.

Department of Highways (DH)

Solodkyyatpolynet [dot] lviv [dot] ua
Head of Department : Sc.D., Prof. Serhiy Solodkyy

Deputy Head of Department: Ph.D., Assoc.Prof. Ivan Dumych

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