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A year of book life: Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House summarizes/draw conclusions of the previous year

The beginning of new year is partly the result of the previous one. We always draw plans for the future, viewing the important events with achievements and results of the previous year. Stéphane Mallarmé claimed "Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book" and we paraphrase: which books were published in 2014 and which will be in 2015?

Dancing under the splash of the waves – 2. Folk Dance Ensemble «Virnist» visited the Baltics

Folk danceens emble "Virnist", the last year's winner, were guests of the International Festival "Baltic holidays - 2014", held in Tallinn on June 28. Further, the team moved through Helsinki to Turku and to Finnish resort town of Naantali, where it has been awaiting for a long time...

Polytechnics make their own «Vector». The University creates Political Research Center

Research and Analytical Center for Political Studies "Vector" appeared at Lviv Polytechnic on the initiative o funiversity research analysts. One of the areas of its activity covers political monitorng and providing expert advice and commentary on politica is ues to the media. Moreover, analysts of Polytechnic set themselves a lot of important tasks.

Polytechnics call friends for a journey. University students launched an unusual tourist project.

XXI century with the spread of IT not only poses challenges for us, but also provides interesting opportunities. Realizing this, the students of Lviv Polytechnic established unusual tourist project Friends' Travel. Its main "office" is located in social networks, all customers are students, but the journeys are still real. Even more, they are low-cost!

Yuriy Rashkevych, Vice Rectorof Lviv Polytechnic National University: Mobility is a required element of educational process

This year students of Ukrainian universities were among the first to ‘livein a newway’, as a newlaw "Onhigher education" recently came into force.

Oleh Kuzmin, Director of the Institute of Economics and Management of National University Lviv Polytechnic, says: “A person is the main factor of socially oriented economy”

Ukraine has identified ways to modernize system of higher education within the Bologna Process aimed at creating a European Higher Education Area. To bring it into this space, the Law "On Education", in particular, providesfor Higher Education Reforms in accordance with the terms of socially oriented economy. How it will be implemented explains the famous economist, director of IEM of National UniversityLviv Polytechnic, Professor Oleh Kuzmin.

Practical application of logistics: IEM students spent 2 weeks on educational training in Poland

The 4th year students of IEM Marketing and Logistics Department attended 2 weeks educational training in Poland city of Lodz.

In terms of cooperation with Lodz Social Academy of Science students Mariana Hanusiak, Daria Bezhenar and assistant teacher Oksana Kobyliukh, the head of training, had a chance to get acquainted with the work of Petecki company. This company specializes in plastic windows and constructions production.

Polytechnic’s professionals protect information: Western Regional Information Security Center celebrates 10th anniversary

Western Regional Research and Educational information security center acts at Lviv Polytechnic University for 10 Years. It closely collaborates withPolytechnic’s Department of Information Security.The centerconducteconomic contractual worksandscientific researches,teach future specialists, provide technical security of information at Polytechnic University.Institutions and organizations from all over Ukraine use its services.

Nazar Hlynskyy, IEM Associate Professor: establish yourself in your place

Assiociate Professorof INEM Marketing and Logistics Department Nazar Hlynskyy belongs to the young generation of scientists who are not afraid to express their interesting ideas and implement them in practice. He seeks to educate studentsin the same way.

Founders are already taught at the Lviv Polytechnic National University: a new technical speciality

A new technical specialty appeared for the first time in recent years at Lviv Polytechnic National University. This is the Foundry at the Department of Applied Material Science and Materials Engineering (AMSME), Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport (IEMT). Professor Zoya Duryahina, Head of Department AMSME, tells about the founder experts that are in demand at the regional labor market and peculiarities of their training in our university.

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