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Lviv Polytechnic

Economists and managers, winners of the All-Ukrainian competition of student's scientific works, are prepared in Lviv Polytechnic

Economists and managers of the Lviv Polytechnic National University traditionally take part in research work, various national and international competitions of student's scientific works. Natalia Fedenko, Anna Gorishna, Iryna Shkvirko, Tetiana Rozman, Anna Ploska, Olga Peresta, Zoriana Dutko and others became the winners of this year competitions.

To build a European country: yet another Euromaidan public rally by students of Lviv Polytechnic

On February, 25 this year near the main building of the Lviv Polytechnic National University the next Euromaidan rally qathered nearly five hundred students. The main demand of the audience ­to punish all those who were involved in the violence against protesters, and fat cats, that by criminal methods enriched themselves and built luxury estates with peoples’ money.

The Maidan issues and hopes for a new life dominated discussion on the works meeting of the University staff

On the February, 27 this year took place a works meeting of the staff of the Lviv Polytechnic National University. As known, it was to be held on February, 20 but was postponed due to the dramatic political situation in the country. This time the conference took place exactly at a time when the Parliament of Ukraine had elected a new government.

Flash on new names: results of the second festival of student photography “Flash”

After a lot of doubts the jury of the second festival of student photography "Flash", finally have reached verdict and awarded the winners in four categories, the Grand Prix had been divided between two students.

​ Learning from Lublin how to discard rubbish properly: Lviv Polytechnic students take part in environmental project

It is just us,Lviv citizens still throwing away every year in regular garbage pounds of mercury, lead and other substances that belong to the carcinogens of the highest class of danger. How is that possible? In is stored batteries and energy­saving lamps mercury, which, according to research by ecologists, uses every family in Lviv. To teach citizens to deal with dangerous waste
and create opportunities for its recycling through the example of Lublin are the main purposes of Lviv City Council Urban Development Department in cooperation with the NGO "Environmental Initiatives" and co­financing by the EU.

Students of Lviv Polytechnic National University gained international experience: Master Students of the Institute of Postgraduate Education undertook an internship in Poland

Second­year master students in Project Management studied at the​ Institute of Postgraduate Education undertook the pre­graduation internship at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, Poland.

“What is the price for freedom?”: Lviv Polytechnic National University students reflect on the price for freedom

Nowadays events are forcing us to rethink and reconsider long­known historical facts, which have been symbolic for us before. We used to honour and commemorate those who fought, we used study history, but we never truly understood the scope of the past events.

XI International Conference "ICT in education, research and industrial applications"

14 May 2015, 09:00 - 16 May 2015, 18:00

On ​ 14­16 May 2015​ the XI International Scientific Conference "ICT in education, research and industrial applications"(ICTERI 2015) will take place at the Lviv Polytechnic National University.

The conference program

Deputy head of Department of Administrative and Financial Management (AFM) Nazar Podolchak: why psychology is important in the economy

Two university degrees, a number of awards (scholarships and certificates), the status of the best young scientist of IEM (Institute of Economics and Management) (2012), 3 textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. All of the above are merits of Nazar Podolchak, Professor, Doctor of Economics, the head deputy of the administrative and financial management of Institute of Postgraduate Education (IPE). He defended his doctorate when he was 33, but he hopes the best is yet to come.

The Professor of University of Pittsburgh Adriana Helbig presented her monograph "Hip­Hop in Ukraine: Music, Race and Migration of Africans" in Lviv Polytechnic

On September 12, 2014 as part of the XXI Publishers Forum at the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" took part a presentation of the monograph of Professor of University of Pittsburgh (USA) Adriana Helbig "Hip­Hop in Ukraine: Music, Race and Migration of Africans". The event was organized by the International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations which Ms. Helbig visited in July.

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