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Born on December, 19, Buchach, Ternopil' Province

Address: St. Lazarenko, 36/83, L'viv 79026, Ukraine

Tel.: Office: (380322) 398078; home: (380322)649724;

Fax: (380-32) 2582239

E-mail: bevzmist(at)polynet.lviv.ua

Current Position:

- Professor, Dr. Hab. Arch., Head of Department of Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Complexes, Chief of Scientific Research Laboratory of Regeneration of Historical Towns in Ukraine; Faculty of Architecture, State University "L'viv Polytechnic"; L'viv, Ukraine;

- Member of Ukrainian Committee of ICOMOS; 1995 - Present (Member

 of Bureau; 2004 – vice-president);

- Vice-President of "Association of Castles and Palaces Researchers",

 L'viv, Ukraine;


- 1972-1977, graduate student of Architecture of State University "L'viv Polytechnic", Architect, mg.

- 1982-1986, post graduate studies of Town planning in the Institute for Research and Projection of Town Planning, Moscow, 1990 - Ph.D. degree.

- 1996-1999, doctoral dissertation studies in State University "L'viv Polytechnic", 2004 – Dr. Arch. (Hab.) degree.

Academic stays and scholarships:

- 1991, September; Centro Internatinale di Studi di Architettura "Andrea Palladio", Vicenza, Italia, Corso Internatinale "Classicismi nell'Architettura degli Anni Trenta in Europa e America", Scholarship;

- 1996, Juli; TU Wien, Scholarship on Research provided by prof. Martin Kubelik ("Studies of urban Development of West Ukrainian Towns within XVIII-XIX cent. on Materials on Austrian Archives");

- 1996-1999, Scholarship on Doctoral Research ("Methodological Bases

 of Regeneration of Historical Towns in Ukraine"); The Ministry of

 Education of Ukraine; State University "L'viv Polytechnic".

- 2000-2001, November, Foundation "Kasa Mianowskiego", Poland, Warsaw: Scholarship on Research provided by prof. Maria Brykowska (Experience of Preservation of Historical Towns in Poland for Ukrainian Practice).

Researches works:

1 - "The Historic-Urban Descriptions of Historical Towns of L'viv Province", 1991-1993, for Ukrainian Society of Preservation of Monuments, Group Leader; The Final Report contains 20 Towns;

2 - "The Historic-Urban Descriptions of Historical Towns of Ivano-Frankivsk Province", 1991-1992, for Ukrainian Society of Preservation of Monuments, Group Leader; The Final Report contains 21 Towns;

3 - The Organizing Committee for Inscribing of Architectural Complex

 of Historical Centre of L'viv on “World Heritage List”; 1994-1998,


4 - "The Principles of Conservation and Regeneration of historical Centre of Town of Bereshany, Ternopil’ Province", 1999-2000, Group-Leader;

5 - "The Preserving Zoning of historical part of Town of Belz in Lviv

 Province", 2000; Group-Leader;        and other...


Experience of Organizing of Conferences and Seminars:

1 - "Experiences and Problems of Protection of Architectural Heritage

 in West Ukraine", international workshop, L'viv, 1994, co-leader;

 editor of final report;

2 - "The Problems of Protection and Regeneration of Historical Cities

of Ukraine (based on the Example of L'viv)", International Conference, L'viv, 1996, co-leader;

3 - "Norm and Law Problems of Protection and Restoration of Architectural Heritage in Ukraine"; Seminar; L'viv, 1998, consultant;

4 - "A Fifth Facade of a Historical Town (a landscape of roofs)"; 1-5 June 2001; Lviv: international seminar (Ukraine, Austria, Polаnd); leader;

5 – "The Training of Specialists in the Preservation and Management of Cultural Heritage Resources (Architectural and Archaeological) in Ukraine: an Assesment and Recommendations for the Future") – Kyiv, November 16-18, 2006; co-leader.


Scientific Publications:

Author of 2 books and 123 articles about the history, urban development, protection and restoration of historical towns and buildings in West Ukraine; principals of its:

Bevz M. Lviv. Urban-architectural development. – Lviv: Gerdan, 2006. – 106 p. (in printing)

Bevz M. Regeneration of preserve architectural complexes in historical towns. – Lviv: university "Politechnika Lvivska", 2006. – 240 s. (in printing)

Bevz M., Cherkes B. The Historic Towns of Ukraine: the Communist Past and Today's Reality (based on the example of Lviv) / In book: Papers of International symposium "Protection and Management of UNESCO Cultural World Heritage in East-Central Europe". - Warsaw: 1994. - P. 24-28;

B.Cherkes, M.Bevz. "Urban and Architectural Problems of Towns of Galicia". - L'viv: SULP, 1996. - 172 p.; co-editor;

3. Bevz M. "Hic sunt Leones". The Fortune of Architectural Complex of Mickewich Square in L'viv // Nazustrich. - L'viv: 1998. - N. 1. -

 P. 1-3 (20 p.);

4. Bevz M. Urban Transformation of the Central Part of City of L'viv

 // Architecture of Galicia of XIX-XX cent. - L'viv: SULP, 1994. -

 P. 51-68.

5. Bevz M. Les aspects socio-ecologiques de la regeneration du centre

 historique de Lviv // France and Ukraine. Scientific and Practical

 Experience in Dialogue of National Cultures. - The Papers of International Conference. - Dnipropetrovsk, 1995. - P. 58-59.

6. Bevz M. Un-noun Examples of History of Towns in Galicia // Scientific Notebook of Department of Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Complexes. - L'viv: SULP, 1993. - ¹ 1. - P. 16-36;

7. Bevz M. Traditional Built Environment of Small Towns. The Question

 of Studies and Preservation // Visnyk. Institute "Ukrzachidprojektrestavracja". - N. 4. - L'viv: 1996 . - P. 41-46;

8. Bevz M., Bevz V. Protection of Planning Structure of Centres of

 Small Towns // Ecology of Culture. Papers of Conference.- L'viv:

 1990. - P. 4-5;

9. Bevz M. What preserve the Planning Structure and Built Environment

 of Small Towns? (Based on the Example of Town of Buchach) // Centre

 of Scientific and Technical Information. Gosgrazdanstroj. - Moskow.

 - 03.07. 1986. - ¹ 483. - 7 p.

10. Bevz M., Okonchenko I. Studies of planning and style principles of bastion fortifications of XVII cent. in Lviv // Architecture. State University “Lviv Polytechnic”. – 2000. – N. 410. – P. 53-62.

11. Bevz M. Historic Towns in Halychyna: Problems of their research and preservation // Memoirs of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Architecture and Urban Planning. - Lviv, 2001. – T. CCXLI. – P. 84-112.

and others...

Professional accomplishments:

a - Design works of Urban Planning and Urban Conservation:

            1. The Project of Rebuilding of Block on Rynok Square in the Town of Zhovkva; 1993-1994; co-author;

            2. The Project of Regeneration of Historical Centre of Town of Zbarash (Тernopil Province); 1990, co-author; Group-Leader;

            3. The Project of Regeneration of Historical Centre of the Town of Chortkiv (Ternopil Province); 1990, co-author; Group-Leader;

            4. The Project of Regeneration of Historical Centre of the Town of Shovkva (L'viv Province); 1999-2000; co-author;

            5. The Scientific Background and Project of Zone of Urban Conservation in the Town of Bereshany (Ternopil' Province); 1999; author, Group-Leader;

            and others...

b - Design works of Conservation and Restoration of Monuments:

            1. The Project of Restoration of Pharmacy of beg. XIX cent. “Under Golden Lion” in Lviv; 1998; co-author, Group-Leader;

            2. The Project of Restoration of Cardinal Josyp Slipyj Building in Zazdrist village, Ternopil Province; 1994-1999, co-author;

3. The Project of Conservation of archeological and architectural Monument of XI-XVI cent. - Church of S. Maria in Krylos, Halych District"; 2001; Group-Leader;     

4. The Project of Restoration of Cathedral in Uhniw, 2006. Group-Leader;

and others... 

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